Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Election commission of Pakistan extended the date of Voter Registration to Saturday 5th November 2011, Please register your votes and be the part of this change._________ALI DJ

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

‎Imran Khan (official) meeting with government official in China.

ALI DJ---Official

WE PRoUd To B a PAkIStaNi & BEing A PTI MemBer....________ALI DJ

Answer To :SeNtor PeRvaz Rasheed

Courtesy Saqib Idrees Taj: 1200 ft x 1200 ft= 1440,000 sq.ft/4 sq.ft= 360,000 persons can be accommodated inside Minar-e-Pakistan, excluding spaces a,b,c,x,y and z which means people are even more than 400,000. Thousands were standing on roads as there was no space inside Minar-e-Pakistan ground__________ALI DJ


PTI representatives will appear today in more than 20 television talks shows at various channels.
Watch PTI Lahore head Mian Mehmud-ur-rasheed right now at Capital Talk on Geo
We Want Imran Khan To Be The Next Prime Minster Of Pakistan